Welcome to the Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO)

Thank you all local, national and international level agencies, donors, partners, government authorities, concerned stakeholders and rights holders for your great support in our struggle to create a justifiable society in Nepal through eliminating caste-based discrimination & Untouchability to influence in ensuring that all disadvantaged people - especially Dalits, children, women, youths and the poor are able to equally benefit from development programs. 

We hope you find what you are looking for in our website. If you need more information or want to suggest improvements please contact us via our Contact & Feedback page. 

Or come visit us in our office in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Finally, please support us in every way you can in our journey of a movement for Social Justice. Your support will bring smile and happiness in the most marginalize community who are facing social discrimination, inequality and extreme poverty.

Once again thank you.

Mr. Sanju Singh Bishowkarma
​​​​President, DWO


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DWO's contribution in Education

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DWO's Intervention Area/ Program

Since 1994, the Dalit Welfare Organization has been delivering social, cultural, educational, economical and political empowerment as well as rights awareness projects in all corners of Nepal. DWO has offices (chapters) in 53 districts of Nepal's 75 administrative districts. Currently, DWO is implementing over 20 long term project in Nepal. It has head office in Kathmand and works through the district chapters in Nepal.


Advocacy is a crucial part of the work carried out and conducted by DWO.

Economic Empowerment

Dalit are the most poorest and economically disadvantaged group in South Asia and Nepal.


Education is the most powerful weapon to fight against poverty, discrimination and injustice in the society.

Organizational Development

Another way to combat caste based discrimination is through organizational development.

Health and Sanitation

In order to succeed at the task of eradication of poverty and caste based discrimination, DWO recognizes...

Climate Change and Disaster Response

With recent years, Nepal has seen and undergone some of the side affects brought on by global warming.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

As an organization that battles Caste based discrimination, it is necessary for DWO to adapt...