About Us


A justifiable society without caste-based discrimination and Untouchability.


  • To enable access to the Dalit community to all sectors of policymaking and implementation level
  • To protect and promote their rights, authority and dignity through economic, social, educational and political development. It raises awareness through organizational development programs.


Increase the access of the Dalit community to education, health, and employment by increasing the capacity of the organization and increasing representation and access to all state mechanisms and public infrastructure through rights-based advocacy.


  • To increase the inclusion of Dalit, women and discriminated community in the decision-making process and to raise their issues at policy-making levels through national and international debates and dialogue.
  • To eliminate all forms of Caste-based discrimination and Untouchability to attain a dignified life of Dalit and discriminated communities.
  • To enhance the rights claiming capacity of activists and DWO employees through organizational development.
  • To strengthen the economic status of Dalits and improve access to education for all Dalit communities
  • To broaden social awareness of the Dalit community.
  • To protect the Dalit and vulnerable community from Climate Change effect by promoting Climate Change Adaptation.
  • To increase awareness on issues relating to Health and Sanitation for the healthy life of Dalit and poor people.
  • To protect and promote biodiversity, water, and forest for safe human life.

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