Eliminating caste discrimination and socially, economically and political empowering the disadvantaged Dalit community will take many years. But it can happen - with your support.

International Ambassador
The goal of eliminating the caste based discrimination is requiring a large amount of resources from DWO and its core operation. We would therefore be very grateful if you want to join us in this struggle and support our work through a financial contribution.

Constitutionally DWO cannot grant membership to non-Nepali citizens, but it really does need support internationally.

DWO needs funds not only for its programme activities but also to support and develop its core operation. Without the core operation, the organisation would not sustain and its development programs aiming at uplifting the Dalit community and protecting their rights would not be possible to uphold/maintain.

But funding core operations is a constant struggle. Many international development agencies, understandably, target their development funds to project activities - those activities which have immediate economic, educational or health impact on DWO's target community. Unfortunately this leaves a funding gap to sustain DWO's core operations. And it's a gap that national membership fees simply cannot totally fill.

You can help! Please, become either an individual or a corporate International Ambassador for DWO. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show your solidarity as your support to the core operation would enable DWO to continue its work against caste based discrimination. Your support will make a difference and we promise to report to you in each year of your support what has happened to your money.

International Ambassador
          Individual $ 50          
          Corporate $ 100          

You are more than welcome to donate more than the amount mentioned to become an international ambassador.
If next year you decide that you no longer want to be ambassador, it's ok. We promise to remove you from our mailing list.
To become an DWO International Ambassador click here

Membership (Nepali Citizens)

DWO is a member based organisation, with members electing representatives of the General Assembly - the supreme body of the Organisation and to which the Board (or Executive Committee) is answerable.
Ordinary Member Nepali Rupees 10/- (Per Year)

To become a DWO Member visit your local DWO District Office.

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